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Buy PESOS Token

Where to buy PESOS Token? 
It is now available at and (or STEEM-Engine.netExchange websites. Other ways to earn PESOS token, listed below.
How to buy or sell PESOS Token?
Once you created your account, you can now manage and exchange any cryptocurrencies available to the and exchanges.
  1. Visit and (or websites.
  2. Login using your account. Then, buy or sell PESOS token.
  3. Click the Tokens tab to see PESOS Token
In this example, I selected the lowest price 0.01 per PESOS token. In Quantity, I enter 1000 PESOS token that I would like to buy. And I am paying using Steem. NOTE. This is the same process using exchange website.
Click on BUY to proceed. You will be ask to enter your password to confirm your order.
After a few seconds, you will be able to see your order in your account wallet.

You can check if your PESOS token is in your account. Login to or websites, click on the My Wallet.

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